CHP Investigating Car Surfing Incident

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girl using a digital generated phone with emergency call on the screen.

Your average daily commuter knows that riding inside of the vehicle is the safest option. It’s quite rare to see a person riding outside of a vehicle, in fact. That is exactly what drivers witnessed on 15 Freeway in … click to read more

Bull Causes Accident and Shuts Down Highway

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Fighting bull

You are driving down a highway and see the glowing eyes of an animal staring back at you from the side of the road. It’s not entirely uncommon to find yourself in this situation. What you may find unusual is … click to read more

Uber Self-Driving Cars Back on the Road

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Ride sharing app on mobile phone

Uber’s self-driving cars were temporarily banned from the street in Pittsburgh and Arizona. Today, they are back on the road. The temporary ban was the result of an accident in Tempe, Arizona. According to local police, a self-driving Uber car click to read more

Virginia Jury Awards Over $5 Million in Surgical Fire

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free bed in hospital room

Imagine that a loved one is undergoing surgery when something goes horribly wrong. Imagine that you are the patient who wakes up to discover that your whole life has changed. You would have the right to expect compensation. This is … click to read more

Bar Patrons Surprised by Vehicle

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Drunk young man driving a car with a bottle of beer

Imagine going out for a night on the town with friends. Maybe you took your partner out for dinner and a drink. No matter the exact reasons, you find yourself enjoying a cool California evening in your favorite local establishment. … click to read more