Video and Audio Recordings in Divorce

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Contentious divorces can often involve a lot of “he said she said” situations. One partner may accuse the other of being abusive. In some cases, these allegations, even if true, might prove difficult to prove. In other scenarios, a spouse … click to read more

Were You Illegally Pulled Over When You Got Your DUI?

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The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution makes it illegal for law enforcement to carry out unreasonable searches and seizures. Because of this, police officers have to follow specific rules when they pull over cars and stop drivers. An … click to read more

Nevada Residents Charged with DUI & Traffic Offenses in California

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15 freeway to Las Vegas

Drivers crossing from Nevada into California or back on Highway 15 might be looking forward to a great weekend or a long vacation, but this is one of the most common stretches of roadway for people to get tickets. Any … click to read more

Post-Decree Modifications in California Family Law Court

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Going through a divorce is stressful, and many people are anxious to be done with the whole process. However, sometimes after the papers are signed and filed with the court, issues come up that cause a party to wish to … click to read more

Domestic Battery in California

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Unfortunately, domestic violence is surprisingly common in the United States, and in California specifically. Nearly 33% of women in California and over 27% of men experience some form of stalking or physical violence from an intimate partner at some point … click to read more