How a DUI Can Affect Your Ability to Drive for Uber or Lyft in California

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If you have recently been arrested on a DUI charge, you may encounter difficulty in applying to join the driving communities of rideshare companies such as Uber or Lyft. Depending on the company, a DUI conviction may be an automatic … click to read more

Recalled Children’s Products Remain in Many Child-Care Facilities Across California

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Recall systems are an effective tool used to remove dangerous products from stores and also alert consumers of the dangers associated with a particular product. Regrettably, recall lists such as the one produced by the United States Consumer Product Safety click to read more

California DMV Hearings for Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License

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In the State of California, there are certain offenses that could place a driving restriction on a person’s driver’s license. When a restriction is placed, it will generally take one of two forms:

The driver’s license will be suspended, or… click to read more

The Consequences of a Birth-Related Injury

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An injury that occurs at birth can have long-lasting and even irreversible physical damage on an infant. According to data collected by the National Vital Statistics System, the infant mortality rate reported in 2017 was approximately 580 deaths per … click to read more

A Father’s Rights in California

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Under California family law, both parents of a child have the right to have a relationship with the minor. In many cases, this right can be enforced by a state laws, as these see that both parents have an equal … click to read more