2 Arrested Under Suspicion of Installing Credit Card ‘Skimmer’ at Gas Station

Intruder1319 via Wikimedia Creative CommonsNo case has an outcome set in stone. Fines, sentencing, and other matters can be influenced or negotiated in the course of a trial or even in a settlement. It all depends on the quality of the defendant’s presentation. The defending attorney must be willing to fight, must know every detail of the law from both sides, and should have an understanding of how the local legal system works.

Two Glendale men were arrested, including one already under investigation by the U.S. Secret Service. They were caught attempt to install a device used to capture credit card numbers on a gas pump at a Sierra Madre gas station.

The two men, 27 and 22 years of age, were arrested at around 3 in the morning outside the gas station, according to a written statement from Sierra Madre police.  They were accused of installing the devices known as skimmers to capture credit card numbers from customers who would use the gas pumps.

The 27-year-old suspect is also facing a separate case from the U.S. Secret Service. The Secret Service is also at the head of this investigation.

Police caught the men when responding to an alarm at the gas station. They were quick enough to catch the suspects in the act, arriving within one minute of being dispatched. The suspects attempted to leave, but were apprehended.

Other devices were found in the suspects’ car, including counterfeit credit cards, and laptop computers. Police also found other skimmers and tools used to break into gas pumps.

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