2,000 Pot Plants Seized

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Two homes in San Bernardino yielded more than 2,000 marijuana plants.

These homes, across the street from one another, each had homemade greenhouses in their backyards. Deputies and San Bernardino police officers cut down the plants with machetes and threw the plants into a trailer to be destroyed. Seven were arrested.

A sheriff’s deputy said authorities are still trying to determine if the two houses were related in their growing activities. He said the methods of growing were very similar, especially the makeshift greenhouses.

Police first noticed the illegal growing operation while responding to a call for service. They notified the Marijuana Enforcement Team, who led the investigation after that.

While investigating the first house, an officer noticed a similar structure across the street.

Five people were arrested from one house, where it was found they had also stolen around $2,000 worth of electricity, according to the deputy. The other two were not home when the deputies were there, but they were arrested upon arrival.

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