46 People Killed in San Bernardino in 2013

Michael Williams2013 saw a slight decline in the number of homicides that happened last year, from 47 to 46.  Here at MBLK, we sincerely hope that there are even fewer homicides in 2014.  We also hope that there is some peace for the families of homicide victims.

There’s sometimes no joy in being first. Eric Montez, 32, was San Bernardino’s first homicide victim in 2013.  There are no details about the event other than he was found in a parked car fatally shot.  As of right now, the killing remains unsolved.

Perhaps it’s because he wasn’t involved in gang activity or drugs that Montez’ murderer hasn’t been found.  He was a family man, wanting to provide for his girlfriend and his small kids.  The upcoming anniversary has been especially hard for Eric’s mother.  “It’s a bad time right now for me.  I wish he was home with me, but I can’t have him,” said the 53 year old woman.

There are a few killings which have happened but were deemed justified and another which is pending an investigation.  Fortunately, the deaths will not be put into the homicide rolls.

There is a brighter light for the San Bernardino police, however.  There was a dramatic drop of officer-involved shootings for San Bernardino.  One happened in the city limits.  Another happened in an unincorporated area and handed over to the Sheriff’s department.

One intriguing part of the homicide statistics is that four of the victims were homeless.  This represents a higher than normal number of incidents, but they aren’t connected with one another.  Police remain vigilant in the pursuit of the killers.

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