Altercation at a Motel 6

download (17)One thing true of every court case is that there at least two sides to the story. Both the accused and the accuser have their own version of events. While it’s the job of a judge or jury to sort out which side holds the most truth, it’s the job of a good defense attorney to make sure the story of the accused is not only heard, but is given equal weight.

A man on probation was arrested by the Ventura police for allegedly brandishing a knife and threatening employees at a motel, according to police.

Ventura police received a call a bit before 3 in the afternoon regarding a guest at the motel who was threatening the 42-year-old manager and the 52-year-old housekeeper. A third employee, who was a witness, managed to hide.

Both manager and housekeeper had gone into the guest’s room after hearing reports of damage. According to their story, when they tried to talk to the suspect, he produced a large folding knife and chased them out of the room.

The manager and the housekeeper claim the man threatened to kill them. Once they left the room, the suspect returned to his room.

When police arrived, they identified the suspect as a 37-year-old probationer who had been previously charged with brandishing a knife. Police were able to take him without incident and he was booked for assault with a deadly weapon.

Officials say there were no injuries.

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