Amusement Park Ride Derails Due to Tree Falling on Track

Amusement and theme parks exist as places to have fun, thrills and excitement for the entire family. The thrill of going on a roller coaster or any amusement ride should be safe in spite of the adrenaline rush. No one ever expects that there may be an accident or injury while they are having fun at a theme park until an unexpected accident actually happens.

Such an incident happened recently when four were injured at Six Flags Magic Mountain on the Ninja Roller Coaster. A tree had fallen on the track of the coaster causing it to derail and leaving the coaster cars hanging.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department received a call from the park at 5:55 p.m. for an accident that involved the Ninja swinging roller coaster. Rescuers found riders stuck on the coaster at the corkscrew portion of the ride. Because of the terrain around the accident, firefighters worked for over an hour to free the stranded 25 riders.

Eventually all rides were freed by paramedics and park medical staff.

It is unclear as to why the branch broke or how it landed on the track at the time that it did. Park officials have said that the Ninja ride will remain closed until it completes a thorough inspection of the area.

Owners and operators of amusement parks have a fundamental obligation to insure the safety and well-being of their visitors. Amusement rides such as roller coasters are routinely checked every day and sometimes several times during the day. Even with diligent and careful maintenance and inspection, accidents can happen.

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