Are you doing this kind of social media discovery often in divorce cases?

Jimmie: We certainly do social media searches.  We have certain software that we have access to and investigative abilities to search certain things, what we call the deep web, and we know how to get into certain social media websites to where the average person might not be as astute in how to do it, but I’ve got to be honest with you, by the time we get called from a law firm the client will have already done quite a bit of their own homework.

So, we’d only be looking to see if they missed something or go into a whole bunch of other social media sources that they might not have thought of.  I mean, you have well over a hundred social media outlets out there.  People are just more familiar with sources like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIN, but there’s a hundred of them and you don’t know which ones a spouse might be involved with.