Caltrans Sweeper may have been Sexting before Crash

downloadThe Department of Motor Vehicles has concluded its investigation of an incident involving a Caltrans sweeper on the 710 Freeway that took the life of a man when the sweeper crushed his vehicle. It is alleged that the driver of the sweeper had been sexting with his girlfriend at the time of the fatal four-vehicle crash.

According to the DMV investigation, though sexting or texting while driving were not specifically mentioned, it did state that the driver, Dino Morris, had “exercised poor judgment” and “was driving at an unsafe speed and failed to slow as traffic in front of him had slowed.”

The documents go on to add that Morris “displayed a degree of negligence that cause and/or contributed to a fatal accident.”

That accident is what ultimately took the life of Rogelio Torres. His family is devastated that so far Morris has not been held responsible for the crash. Officials are reluctant to discuss the case because of pending litigation.

It’s a matter of time before this family gets their day in court. Whether or not the driver will be held responsible of criminal charges, the Torres family can still go after the driver in a civil lawsuit.

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