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Posts belonging to Category California Penal Code

A General Overview of Burglary Charges in the State of California

When a person has been charged with burglary in the State of California, it will typically imply that the person has entered a property with the intention of stealing or committing a crime. Being accused of burglary in the State … click to read more

Family Law in the State of California: An Overview of Restraining Order Provisions 

In many states, including the State of California, restraining order are typically filed in the Family Law Court. There are also Emergency Protective Orders which are found commonly in criminal cases, and civil restraining orders filed and processed within the … click to read more

Family Law in the State of California: Identifying Domestic Violence 

Domestic violence is a very delicate matter that affects countless of families across the nation. Generally, domestic violence has clear and easily identifiable elements but a great part of it can also be difficult to recognize. If you or someone … click to read more

Criminal Law for Juvenile Defendants: Common Punishments for Minors

Minors who have committed a crime are prosecuted differently than those over the age of 18. Juvenile criminal defendants are generally sent to juvenile court and will not have a jury trial. In place of a jury trial, juvenile defendants … click to read more

Money Laundering Defense in the State of California: Potential Penalties

Nationwide, money laundering is considered a white-collar crime. It is the unlawful act of taking currency from a criminal activity to conceal or mask the source of the currency through a sequence of financial transactions. Money laundering can often be … click to read more