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Posts belonging to Category Criminal Defense

California DUI: At What Point Does “Driving” Occur?

It is well-known that driving under the influence is not just dangerous, but also illegal. All 50 states have laws against drunk driving, but these laws do vary in the details. As a result of the differences, it is possible … click to read more

DUI and Chemical Test Refusal in California

If you are pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, you might be asked to take one of several types of tests intended to alert the officer as to whether you had been drinking. In addition to “field tests” that … click to read more

California Drug Possession

In recent years, many states have loosened their drug laws related to marijuana. However, even though these laws are shifting, drug possession, especially of substances other than marijuana, can still lead to serious legal trouble and penalties. If you are … click to read more

Could Drones be the Police Force of the Future?

Perhaps you have seen it on the news: A suspected criminal is traveling at high rates of speed down the highway in an attempt to elude capture by law enforcement. Or, maybe you have seen it in person: You are … click to read more

Most Common Holiday Crimes

For many Californians, Christmas and the holiday season in general really is the best time of the year. SoCal gets down to pretty mild temperatures, and closer to the Oregon border, snow may even be in the forecast. Shoppers have … click to read more