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Posts belonging to Category Criminal Defense

California Probation Laws

California Probation Laws

The population of Californians who are in the state’s adult supervised probation system is larger than the population of the other three forms of correctional supervision, jail, prison, and parole, combined. In some cases, a judge will … click to read more

Changes to California Sex Offender Laws – 2021

California was one of the four states that required sex offenders to register for life. After decades of maintaining this registry, the list of sex offenders had become so large that it was not particularly helpful to law enforcement officials. … click to read more

The Consequences of Underage Drinking in California

Underage drinking is hardly a rare occurrence in the United States. In fact, according to the CDC, around 11% of all the alcohol in consumed in America was drunk by people who were under 21. Despite the sense we … click to read more

California DUI: At What Point Does “Driving” Occur?

It is well-known that driving under the influence is not just dangerous, but also illegal. All 50 states have laws against drunk driving, but these laws do vary in the details. As a result of the differences, it is possible … click to read more

DUI and Chemical Test Refusal in California

If you are pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, you might be asked to take one of several types of tests intended to alert the officer as to whether you had been drinking. In addition to “field tests” that … click to read more