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Posts belonging to Category Drug Defense

California DUI: At What Point Does “Driving” Occur?

It is well-known that driving under the influence is not just dangerous, but also illegal. All 50 states have laws against drunk driving, but these laws do vary in the details. As a result of the differences, it is possible … click to read more

DUI and Chemical Test Refusal in California

If you are pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, you might be asked to take one of several types of tests intended to alert the officer as to whether you had been drinking. In addition to “field tests” that … click to read more

Can I Share My Ritalin?

As college finals loom menacingly on the horizon, college students throughout California are looking for any edge to make sure they pass. For some, that means pulling all nighters to study as much as possible. For others, it means getting … click to read more

What Prop 64 Means for You

As Californians cast their votes for the next President of the United States, they also made decisions on several different state and local issues. One such measure was Proposition 64, which would change marijuana laws. The proposal passed with over … click to read more

How Marijuana Affects the Body and Mind

Ever since medical marijuana became legal in California, there have been a variety of new experiments for delivering the drug to the body. Some people like to smoke it the old-fashioned way, while others are more creative about it. Edibles … click to read more