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Posts belonging to Category Family Law

Child Support in California

Providing for kids is expensive. When the parents of a child or children are not parenting together as a couple, the issue of who pays, how much they pay, and for what will arise. A court has the ability to … click to read more

Why would I separate rather than divorce?

When a marriage deteriorates to the point where one or both parties have decided to end the marriage, it is possible to seek a separation, or a divorce. The two terms refer to different legal statuses of the relationship. If … click to read more

Why you should consider a prenuptial agreement

Most of us have heard of prenuptial agreements. Sometimes we consider them in a negative light. After all, who wants to consider the demise of a marriage before it even begins? However, more people are considering entering into these agreements … click to read more

Determining Child Custody in California

When a couple with minor children decides to end their marriage, a court has to make a decision regarding the appropriate custody arrangement. This subject is one that is fraught with emotions, and it can be difficult for the parties … click to read more

No-Fault Divorce in California

Ending a marriage can be a difficult decision and the divorce process is an emotional one. In many cases, one party, or both parties feel that they have been mistreated and severely wronged by the other person. However, in many … click to read more