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Posts belonging to Category Family Law

Understanding Community Property and Divorce in the State of California  

Generally, when a couple gets married, they then work collectively to achieve financial goals. A married couple will likely decide to buy a home, open a communal savings account for their retirement, and even purchase a family vehicle.

Every partnership … click to read more

Video and Audio Recordings in Divorce

Contentious divorces can often involve a lot of “he said she said” situations. One partner may accuse the other of being abusive. In some cases, these allegations, even if true, might prove difficult to prove. In other scenarios, a spouse … click to read more

Domestic Battery in California

Unfortunately, domestic violence is surprisingly common in the United States, and in California specifically. Nearly 33% of women in California and over 27% of men experience some form of stalking or physical violence from an intimate partner at some point … click to read more

Can I have visitation or be appointed the guardian of my grandchild?

According to the US Census Bureau, 10% of grandparents live with at least one grandchild in their home. Many of these households are actually maintained by the grandparents, and in some cases, there is no parent in the home, and … click to read more

California Divorce Law and Coping with Verbal Abuse and Harassment

Divorce does not tend to bring out the best in people. In many cases, when a couple makes the decision to end their marriage, they do so because they have been fighting, have felt a sense of betrayal, or simply … click to read more