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Posts belonging to Category Family Law

Modifications of Child Support

Child support payments are calculated based on equations that factor in many variables, including the earnings of both parents, the number of children, and the amount of parenting time each parent has with the children. In most cases, parents ordered … click to read more

Mediation in Custody Battles

The battle over custody of minor children is often the most emotionally charged aspect of a divorce case. Parents might have wildly different opinions about how much time each person should have with their children, and what the breakdown of … click to read more

Court-Ordered Child Custody Evaluations in California

Sometimes when parents go their separate ways, decisions regarding parenting time and schedules are made by the parents themselves, or through the mediation process. However, there are often times when divorcing or separating parents will have a difficult time agreeing … click to read more

What is Sole Custody and What Circumstances Justify This Custodial Arrangement in California?

In California, many parents will end up having joint custody of their children.  Other arrangements include one parent having sole physical custody, but sharing legal custody with the other parent or one parent having sole physical and legal custody. When … click to read more

Stepparent Visitation in California, What You Should Know

In many situations, a stepparent might play a role in raising his or her stepchild, sometimes from a very young age. Stepparents might have provided both financial and emotional support to their stepchildren, and have formed a bond with the … click to read more