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Posts belonging to Category Family Law

Family Law in the State of California: Identifying Domestic Violence 

Domestic violence is a very delicate matter that affects countless of families across the nation. Generally, domestic violence has clear and easily identifiable elements but a great part of it can also be difficult to recognize. If you or someone … click to read more

Family Law: How to Prepare for a Step-Parent Adoption in the State of California 

Adoption is a life-altering experience that can help build families as well as allow expectant parents make a loving choice for their child. Adoption is also a legal process that involves complex California laws. The legal process of adoption … click to read more

Understanding Community Property and Divorce in the State of California  

Generally, when a couple gets married, they then work collectively to achieve financial goals. A married couple will likely decide to buy a home, open a communal savings account for their retirement, and even purchase a family vehicle.

Every partnership … click to read more

Video and Audio Recordings in Divorce

Contentious divorces can often involve a lot of “he said she said” situations. One partner may accuse the other of being abusive. In some cases, these allegations, even if true, might prove difficult to prove. In other scenarios, a spouse … click to read more

Domestic Battery in California

Unfortunately, domestic violence is surprisingly common in the United States, and in California specifically. Nearly 33% of women in California and over 27% of men experience some form of stalking or physical violence from an intimate partner at some point … click to read more