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Posts belonging to Category In The News

Car Hit, Then Dragged by Semi

On Wednesday, April 21, a semi truck traveling down Interstate 15 in San Bernardino County struck a Nissan Maxima. The car was dragged for miles as its driver attempted to flag for help. The incident was all caught on video.… click to read more

High School Students Urged to Have a Sober Prom

Students at Alta Loma High School converged onto the gym’s bleachers to witness a presentation. Two screens were placed in front of the students, and videos and photos flashed. The students were shown a traffic accident and its aftermath in … click to read more

Car Collides with School Bus

When parents put their children on the bus in the morning, they assume they will be safe. The same can be said when parents entrust a bus driver to bring their children home from school. Unfortunately for parents in San … click to read more

Road Rage to Blame for Serious Crash

A multiple-vehicle crash in San Bernardino is being linked to road rage. The wreck left several people injured, according to police.

On April 11, officers received a report of vehicles racing in the area of Little Mountain and Kendall Drives. … click to read more

CHP Investigating Car Surfing Incident

Your average daily commuter knows that riding inside of the vehicle is the safest option. It’s quite rare to see a person riding outside of a vehicle, in fact. That is exactly what drivers witnessed on 15 Freeway in … click to read more