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Posts belonging to Category Medical Malpractice

The Consequences of a Birth-Related Injury

An injury that occurs at birth can have long-lasting and even irreversible physical damage on an infant. According to data collected by the National Vital Statistics System, the infant mortality rate reported in 2017 was approximately 580 deaths per … click to read more

California Medical Malpractice Laws: Patient Abandonment and Negligence Cases

For the most part, a doctor-patient relationship will be terminated once the patient’s illness or medical condition has been successfully managed. There are certain occasions, however, that the physician will conclude the relationship before the patient’s medical condition has been … click to read more

Medical Malpractice in California: Surgical Injuries

When a surgeon operates on a patient, he or she is expected to operate with an expert level of skill. The surgeon is expected to handle the procedure with the same level of care that is possessed or practiced by … click to read more

California Medical Malpractice Cases for Delayed Diagnosis

The majority of people believe that medical malpractice involves a physician making a mistake that lead directly to the patient’s injury. Unbeknownst to many, however, medical malpractice cases can arise from physician errors that are from an indirect form of … click to read more

Harmful Birth-Related Traumas That Can Cause Injury to the Mother or Infant

Medical specialists have an ethical and legal obligation to meet certain standards of care for their patients. Regrettably, many specialists fail to meet the standards and when the duty of care is breached during delivery, both mother and newborn have … click to read more