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Posts belonging to Category Personal Injury

Covering Your Losses After Being Involved in a Car Accident

The State of California is unsurprisingly home to some of the busiest highways in the nation. Between traveling tourists, large commercial trucks transporting merchandise locally and across the nation, as well as residents traveling for work, school, or leisure, California … click to read more

Recalled Children’s Products Remain in Many Child-Care Facilities Across California

Recall systems are an effective tool used to remove dangerous products from stores and also alert consumers of the dangers associated with a particular product. Regrettably, recall lists such as the one produced by the United States Consumer Product Safety click to read more

Injuries Suffered While Riding a Lyft or Uber Vehicle

Ride sharing has dramatically grown in just a few short years and with this, new professional and financial opportunities for many have also come about. Unfortunately, because of this spontaneous growth, there has also been an increase in many new … click to read more

Summertime Premises Liability Concerns

In the midst of summer, many people look for many different activities to find cooler temperatures. With the influx of visitors, many property owners should pay extra attention to conditions that could arise during this period. In the State of … click to read more

How to Seek Financial Compensation From a Dog Bite in the State of California

Civil Code Section 3342 governs dog bite laws in the State of California. Under this code, canine owner could be held strictly responsible in the many situations in which his or her pet has attacked or bitten another individual. Under … click to read more