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Posts belonging to Category Personal Injury

Wrongful Death Cases: A General Overview

Wrongful death law is applied in tort cases where a defendant’s behavior has caused another’s death, which ultimately left behind the victim’s surviving family members or dependents that will suffer damages as a result of the victim’s untimely death.

The … click to read more

Necessary Elements Required to Demonstrate Fault in Medical Malpractice Claims

Every medical procedure a patient undergoes is subject to medical mishaps, regardless of the level of experience the medical staff has. In spite of this, every patient should be able to expect his or her medical caregiver to perform at … click to read more

Dog Bite Laws in California: Gathering Evidence and Establishing Liability

If you have been bitten and attacked by a dog in the State of California, you have the legal right to seek monetary compensation for your injuries. It is important to understand, however, that simply filing a personal injury claim … click to read more

Negligence Per Se and Personal Injury Claims

Most personal injury claims are the result of a person acting negligently. Negligence occurs when a person fails to act as a reasonably prudent person would act in a given set of circumstances, and when those actions cause harm to … click to read more

Damages Caps in California

When a person suffers injuries as a result of another person or entity violating the law, the injured person can recover monetary compensation for the harm that was done to them. In personal injury cases, this is most often the … click to read more