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What to Look For in a Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime of any sort can put a damper on your day, to put things lightly. Even if you aren’t convicted, you will likely spend time in jail, at least until you get bailed out. Then there’s … click to read more

When Does a Threat Become a Crime?

It’s never just words. Making a threat against another person is a serious crime in the state of California. The moment you tell someone you are planning on hurting them, you have committed a crime. It doesn’t matter how you … click to read more

Text-to-911 Expanding to California

For the past few years, the national emergency system has been testing a new feature that would allow citizens to text 911 in an emergency situation. It has slowly been rolling out to different regions of the country, and certain … click to read more

How California Is Fighting Against Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can be defined as using online platforms, like social media or instant messaging, to intimidate or belittle peers. Since the 1990s, it’s been the subject of countless PSAs and school lessons. While it may seem pretty harmless, a way … click to read more

Child Support Myths Busted

Child support can be a sticky component of the law. Even with state-provided tables and extensive guidelines, every ruling granted child support to a custodial  parent must take into account unique factors. The child’s accustomed lifestyle, the new living arrangements … click to read more