Chatsworth Cracking Down on Street Racing

downloadWhen you think about Chatsworth, do you think about street racing? Some do, and the Los Angeles City Council wants to do something about it. Recently, there were two ordinances brought up that allow the authorities to do a little bit more when fighting those crimes.

This move was spurred by the fact that two spectators were killed and one was critically injured while watching a street race. Measures were introduced to “allow police to seize and either sell or destroy a vehicle involved in street racing or reckless driving accidents that result in ‘great bodily harm or death.’”

Racing isn’t uncommon in the streets. There are places which are known for racing – there have even been starting lines painted for the unofficial races which happen. The pavement on certain portions of the roadway are marked with tires and other vehicles.

When something goes wrong with a race, however, everyone knows it. The cars spin out of control, occasionally hitting the embankments and killing those who are involved with the racing. It’s not a pretty sight, something which the police officers are trying to curtail.

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