CHP Investigating Car Surfing Incident

girl using a digital generated phone with emergency call on the screen.Your average daily commuter knows that riding inside of the vehicle is the safest option. It’s quite rare to see a person riding outside of a vehicle, in fact. That is exactly what drivers witnessed on 15 Freeway in Corona last week.

A man was recorded by another driver while he was hanging onto a pickup truck. The man was spotted hanging onto the side of the vehicle while it was cruising down the freeway. The person who had videotaped the incident told reporters that her only thought was the the decision for the man to ride on the outside of the pickup truck was a dumb one.

While there was no one injured in the stunt, neither the man nor anyone else on the highway, the entire situation could have turned out much worse. Not only could the man have fallen from the vehicle, but his stunt could have caused a major incident on the highway with other vehicles. The video was forwarded to the highway patrol for investigation.

If you notice someone driving erratically or dangerously on the highway, officials suggest that you do not attempt to intervene on your own. Instead, take down the license plate number and and a description of the vehicle and call emergency services. It is never a wise move to put yourself in danger.

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