Clinic Shut Down for Unlicensed Medical Practice

4824006671_bbd0537e6e_mA doctor and her allegedly unlicensed husband have been arrested on felony charges related to the death of an elderly woman in Thousand Oaks. According to Investigators from the Ventura County Inter-agency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit, Dr. Ellen Crowe, 54, and her husband, Paul McQuillan, 61, owned and operated a business called House Call Doctor Thousand Oaks. Polly Duntley, 88, was a patient.

Authorities say on July 31, McQuillan, who has no official medical training, responded to Duntley’s home as part of a follow-up visit. At the home visit, McQuillan allegedly injected Duntley with morphine provided by his wife, Crowe. The injection was to be done prior to an X-ray and ultrasound that were to be performed at Duntley’s home. Duntley fell into a deep sleep within minutes of the injection.  At this point, investigators say that McQuillan allegedly left the residence in order to treat another patient in the neighborhood. A technician from another medical services provider arrived at Duntley’s residence and performed the ultrasound on her. McQuillan returned to the residence as the ultrasound was performed.

During the procedure, McQuillan realized that Duntley was not breathing and no longer had a pulse. He called 911 as well as attempting to give first aid to Duntley. Emergency responders arrived and managed to resuscitate Duntley, however, she never regained consciousness. Duntley died in the hospital a few days later.

McQuillan and Crowe were both was arrested and booked into the Ventura County Jail on suspicion of practicing medicine without a license and furnishing morphine. Other charges such as elder abuse, great bodily injury or death occurring in the commission of a felony, as well as weapons charges may be also added.

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