Collisions in Police Chase through Baldwin Park

downloadSpeeding and evading the authorities are two things which should not be done while driving. Unfortunately, that type of situation happens all too regularly. Sometimes there is damage that happens along the way, damage for which people need to pay. Here is an incident which happened in Baldwin Park.

Police found a vehicle which had been reported stolen, and began to chase the individual driver. The officers at the scene tried to make the person stop at a red light, but the driver had other plans. Not only did the person keep driving, but that pursuit had police officers colliding with another vehicle who was merely at the wrong place at the wrong time.

It was in the morning, and there was the possibility that children could be affected. The elementary school which was close by was put on lockdown. Nobody is sure whether there were injuries that resulted from the police car crash, but we do hope that everyone is okay.

The suspect who was at the heart of the mayhem surrendered to police, but it is currently not clear what charges will be filed in the case.

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