Crime At San Bernardino Gas Station is Deadly

SAN BERNARDINO – A man died earlier this month after being shot multiple times. It was unclear whether or not the victim was an employee of the Achamak Trading Co. or a customer.

According to reports, the 18-year-old was killed when a person entered the gas station and began shooting. It was assumed that the young man was a worker in the store. Multiple law enforcement officials secured the area and began an investigation immediately after the shooting. At least one person was interviewed after being identified as a witness to the shooting.

If you work in a convenience store or gas station, your safety is of utmost importance. Please remember that there is nothing in the store that is as valuable as your life. If you do not feel safe, speak to your supervisor about any changes that could be made to make the store less of a target.

If you own a convenience store or gas station, make sure that your employees know what to do in the event of a robbery. Take signage out of your windows so that employees are clearly visible. Install a panic button and security system to deter would-be robbers. If there are modifications you can make to your store to keep your employees safe, make them.

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