Cyclist Falls off Bike, Killed by Car

download (30)Whenever an accident happens, especially one with injuries or death, it’s up to the officers to decide whether someone was at fault or if it was a true accident. Despite the pain and anger that families or individuals may feel about what happened, there may not be any evidence that one person in particular was at fault.

Take this recent case. A woman was cycling on a street near the Venice boardwalk in the afternoon. She was riding against the one-way sign. For whatever reason, she fell off of the bike. A car making a left-hand turn onto the road she was on struck her. She was transported to the hospital where she died.

The driver in this accident wasn’t cited or arrested. It is likely that is because the cyclist was travelling illegally in the first place.  Bicycles have to follow the same road rules as other vehicles.

Still, even if there are no criminal charges, questions remain. Could they be liable for a civil lawsuit? Is it worth it? That is something that an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you answer. If a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident, call our offices for a free consultation. We can examine your case and see if there is merit in pursuing compensation. If you don’t call, you won’t know. Your first call is free.

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