DUI Arrests over Labor Day Weekend Near 2000

In America, one of the most important tenets of our legal procedure is that people are always presumed innocent unless they are proven guilty. No matter if it is a traffic violation, or a felony, having a quality defense and having the right attorney with the right knowledge and resources working for you can change everything.

Over the recent holiday weekend, law enforcement agencies across Los Angeles County arrested some 1,982 people under the suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Officials say that this is somewhat of a decrease in numbers in comparison to the same holiday in 2013 when 2,313 drivers were arrested.

This year, 74 of the arrests were made after an injury crash. During the 8 hour checkpoint operation, 1,633 vehicles went through with 544 drivers being screened for violations. Among the arrests were three citations for unlicensed driving, one arrest on a misdemeanor warrant, two arrests for driving on a suspended license, and four drivers were cited for unsafe driving. There was one motorist who was booked for possession of illegal narcotics, and seven unlicensed drivers that were all taken into custody.

At a checkpoint in Bellflower, two motorists were cited for suspected DUI for marijuana with 11 other drivers cited for various violations.

L.A. County Sheriff’s had a checkpoint established on Artesia Boulevard, just east of Lakewood Boulevard where of the 1,637 vehicles that passed through, 1,541 of these were stopped and checked by deputies.

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