DUI Checkpoint Yields 35 Arrests

"DWI Checkpoin"t by VersageekPolice are often very diligent at their jobs — and we want them to be. They protect us, take dangerous criminal of the street, and keep the peace. But like the rest of us, they’re only human, and can make mistakes, especially when it comes to mass arrest events, like DUI checkpoints. People who have been arrested unfairly need legal representation the most, not only to protect them from an unfair sentence, but from irreparable harm to their reputations.

Police impounded nearly 25 vehicles and arrested 35 people during a DUI check point which ran from for eight hours one night in San Bernardino, police said.

Eight of the drivers were arrested because police believed they were driving under the influence. Most were for just alcohol, one for drugs, and one for a combination of drugs and alcohol, police said in a statement detailing the operation.

Twenty-five other drivers were arrested and charged with driving on a suspended or revoked license.

One of the arrestees was taken in for being allegedly drunk in public and another was arrested for outstanding warrants, according to police.

The California Office of Transportation funded the operation, and the police department is planning for more checkpoints in the future.

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