DUI Driver Sentenced, Mother Outraged

The California Department of Corrections prison system is filled with criminals who are convicted of various crimes, and it will soon be expecting a new tenant. Wendy Stephanie Villegas, 21, was sentenced Tuesday to nearly four years behind bars.

The 21-year-old fatally hit a cyclist and hurt two others while driving drunk in the city of Boyle Heights. Villegas plead no contest to one count each of driving under the influence causing injury, vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and also leaving the scene of an accident.

The woman slammed her vehicle into 22-year-old Luis Garcia, instantly ending his life.

Living conditions in the state-run prisons are far from idyllic; some prisons allow only five minutes twice per week to shower, while others place several inmates into a cell originally designed for two men. Prisoners are oftentimes kept inside of cramped cells up to 23 hours every day. However, during the sentencing the victim’s mother, Carmen Tellez, said that she was outraged at the low amount of prison time Villegas received.

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