Education Aims to Prevent Accidents

Friends have fun together and drink cocktails on the streetAs personal injury attorneys, we speak with victims of vehicle collisions on a daily basis. We know the devastating effects that a car accident can have on people. Local officers and high school students came together recently in an attempt to prevent some of these avoidable accidents.

Students at Redlands High School gathered in front of their campus recently. To passersby, the scene may have looked horrible. A young student had to be flown by helicopter to the hospital. A teenager passed away at the scene. A third person involved was lucky enough to walk away with only slight injuries.

The good news is that the accident was staged. The students were taking part in a student driver program delivered by the California Highway Patrol.

Participants in the Every 15 Minutes program are learning about just what impaired driving can do. The students take part in a two-day event that culminates with a “funeral” for their fellow student who was killed in the crash.

The goal of the program is to stop students from drinking and driving – now and in the future. Video clips and real-life reenactments aim to show students exactly what distracted and impaired driving can do. While everything that occurs is simulated, with the help of police and fire officials, students get a very real look at what one wrong decision can make.

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