Ferrari F1 Bursts into Flames after Crash

images (3)Sports cars look very cool and can go incredibly fast, but that speed can easily turn into a dangerous situation. It takes experience and even a little education to control a vehicle at high speeds safely. That’s why racers go to racing school before they’re allowed onto a track. Public roads aren’t the place to do it.

Overcorrection at high speed is a cause for crashes and that’s what might have happened here in today’s case. According to a CHP accident report, a 2002 F1 Ferrari burst into flames after veering off the road and striking two trees in the center median.

The two passengers in the car were treated for burns and taken to the local hospital. The driver was deemed to be at fault in the crash, though it is unknown if he has been cited or arrested. He sustained major injuries along with his passenger.

Sports cars are built for speed and power, but knowing how to handle one safely is vital. It can be like learning to drive all over again. Inexperience can lead to crashes like this one.

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