Heavy Rains Blamed in Bridge Collapse, One Injured

downloadHeavy rains are being blamed for a bridge that collapsed on the 10 Freeway, about 50 miles west of the state border.

The area, which consists mainly of dry desert terrain, became quickly waterlogged. Rainwater came rushing through the desert gully and eroded the sandy, rocky soil around the bridge. The erosion caused one side of the eastbound span of the freeway bridge to collapse.

One motorist was injured in the collapse.

The collapsed bridge has led to Caltrans officials shutting down the roadway indefinitely. Currently there is no estimate as to how quickly it will be repaired or when the section of the 10 Freeway will be reopened to motorists.

The 10 Freeway is considered a major arterial route. Businesses are already feeling the pinch of having to reroute goods through other roadways, thus increasing delivery times and adding hundreds of miles in some instances to the necessary detour. An estimated 40 percent of the goods shipped from California to nearly every other area in the country passes through the 10 corridor with an estimated 27,000 cars and trucks traveling on it on a daily basis.

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