High School Students Urged to Have a Sober Prom

The word PROM printed on clothespin clipped cards in front of defocused glowing lightsStudents at Alta Loma High School converged onto the gym’s bleachers to witness a presentation. Two screens were placed in front of the students, and videos and photos flashed. The students were shown a traffic accident and its aftermath in hopes of keeping them sober for prom.

When the lights were brought back up, the high school students sat in silence. A judge then presented a mock sentencing. The “jurors,” high school students who volunteered to act for the presentation, found the “defendant” guilty of having driven drunk and causing the accident. The defendant was also found guilty of causing serious bodily injury to two people.

The “victims” were allowed to speak before sentencing, detailing their injuries and their lasting consequences. The defendant was ultimately sentenced to eight years in prison, had their driver’s license revoked, and was ordered to pay $66,000 in restitution to the victims. While the players in this sentencing were only high school students, they represented the real people involved in cases across the nation.

The intent was to show the juniors and seniors exactly what could happen if they chose to drink alcohol before, during or after the prom and then drive. More than 600 students were expected to attend the school’s prom, making the presentation an impactful one. Not only is drinking under the age of 21 illegal, but the choice can have lasting consequences for all involved.

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