Homemade Aircraft Crash Kills One, Injures Another

download (51)A crash involving a homemade aircraft has killed one person and left another person injured.

Riverside County Fire Department authorities say that the aircraft carrying two people crashed into a cellphone tower into an unincorporated area located near Corona.

Rescuers had to wait for utility crews to turn off power to the tower before they were able to reach the crash victims.

One person in the aircraft was reported to have died at the scene of the crash while the survivor was thrown from the plane. Authorities say one person died at the scene. A survivor was thrown from the plane and taken to an area hospital and is listed with moderate injuries.

The name of the victim in the crash has not yet been released.

The cause of the plane crash is still currently under investigation.

Accidents involving airplanes, whether a private or commercial aircraft, are statistically rare. Whenever an aviation accident does occur, serious or fatal injuries are often the tragic result. Whenever a victim is able to survive such an accident, they often have catastrophic injuries that will affect their ability to function for the rest of their lives.

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