In divorce discovery is one social media platform more resourceful than another?

Jimmie: Well, in the deep web, the hidden web, you know Facebook is by far the most successful social media outlet out there.  That one together with Pinterest and Instagram, but Facebook has been taken over by adults.  At one time it was younger people and then adults basically took it over.  Young people are now basically using more Instagram more than anything else.  And a lot of women are more inclined to use Pinterest, putting on pictures, or pinning pictures on their account for Pinterest.  So, Facebook, again, becomes the most popular for the cheating spouse background check.

What about LinkedIn?

Jimmie: You know, LinkedIn is basically used for business purposes.  You could basically see whether a spouse is going out there trying to promote themselves to get a new job or what they’re saying about themselves with regards to their current job.  Sometimes people have a tendency to embellish on what they actually do.  A spouse may just copy the information from LinkedIn to be able to say, “Hey, you know, half of the stuff you wrote on your LinkedIn account is false.  How would you like it if I blasted it on LinkedIn that, you know, it’s all a bunch of nonsense.”

Leverage is basically the end result of what all this searching on Facebook does. It’s one spouse will have a little bit of leverage over another, they’ll have some sort of evidence that they can use and they’re hoping for leverage in regards to settling on property.