Late Night Accident Splits Car in Two

download (54)The amount of force it takes to split a vehicle is quite significant. Cars are built to absorb shock mostly through crumpling. They might get scrunched like an aluminum can, but they don’t break apart in chunks.

So when a crash happens where the engine and front section of a vehicle get sheared off, there are sure to be questions about how fast the driver was going. A single vehicle accident was reported where this happened on a freeway transition road after 1 AM. The vehicle had struck a guard rail and a tree according to a videographer at the scene.

The man in the car was taken to the hospital and is in unknown condition. He had to be cut from the vehicle. While this is an unfortunate accident, it is good that no one else was hurt.

The faster a vehicle travels, the higher the risk for injury for anyone involved. A speeding accident can injure or kill without warning. When accidents like that happen, the drivers can be liable for the injuries they caused. No one should have to pay for unexpected medical bills that were caused by someone else’s negligence.

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