Lawsuits Filed in FedEx Truck Crash

AP Image / Jeremy LockettCoping with the loss of a loved one is never easy. This pain and hurt is multiplied when having to deal with the loss of child; a child with a very promising future at that and to the careless actions of others no less.

In Northern California, following the tragic fiery collision of a tour bus and a Fed Ex Corp truck, Rosa Rivera, mother of one of the deceased, 17 year old Jennifer Bonilla, filed a lawsuit against tour bus Company, Silverado Stages, FedEx, and the estate of the driver Timothy Evans, seeking $100 million. The April 10 crash claimed the lives of 5 students who attended Animo Inglewood Charter High School and El Monte High School. Bonilla, a promising student, who had just successfully earned a college scholarship, and the other teens were on their way to tour Humboldt State University. It is alleged that the tour bus was hit head on by the FedEx truck, which crossed a center divider on Interstate 5 in Orland.

It is still uncertain as to the events leading to the truck crossing the divider however investigators suggested that the truck may have been set ablaze before the collision. Rosa’s suit maintained that FedEx trucks have a history of catching fire and that the bus was not equipped with enough exit doors to allow passengers to escape. FedEx states that it is too soon to discuss litigation while there have not been any releases from the bus company. The devastating crash ended a total of 10 lives as three chaperones and the drivers of both vehicles were killed as well, it is likely that more families will sue.

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