Local Food Bank Cools Down

A food bank can do the community no good if it doesn’t have room to store food. Thanks to an award from the San Manual Band of Mission Indians, the Food Bank in San Bernardino doesn’t have this problem. The food bank recently completed the construction of a new freezer unit.

Board Chairman, Margaret Hill, said, “We are grateful to the San Manuel Board of Mission Indians for their generosity and support of our mission to address hunger.” She went on to say that there are one in four children in the county living in poverty. With the installation of the new freezer, the food bank will be able to store enough food to service those most in need. The food bank distributes more than 10 million pounds of food each year at no cost.

Shelters, schools and non-profit organizations benefit from food distributed by the food bank. The new freezer will not only help the bank provide much needed food to people in the county, but it will cut down the costs that the food bank was forced to pay to store frozen foods off-site.

You can find out more about the food bank, its outreach programs and how you can volunteer by visiting their website at www.capsbc.org.

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