Man Arrested After Chase in San Bernardino

V1ctor CasaleOne of the most important parts of American law is also one that is often repeated: Innocent until proven guilty. Anyone accused of a crime or cited by police has a right to defense. What can really make the difference in any case, from traffic violations to felonies, is the quality of that defense. The right attorney with the right knowledge and resources can change everything.

A man was arrested in San Bernardino after a chase which included pursuit by car, pursuit on foot, and a subsequent search.

It all started around 6 in the evening on a Saturday when an officer spotted a speeding car. Instead of pulling over as requested, the car sped away, followed by the officer.

The driver ended up crashing into another car and he got out of his vehicle and got away on foot. He eventually jumped a fence into a junkyard where cars are taken apart. Police surrounded the area and called in a helicopter for an aerial search.

When police entered the fenced-in area, a police dog was able to find the building where the man was hiding – on the roof, according to a police sergeant.

The man was arrested around 7 p.m. The sergeant says ammunition was found on the man, but no weapon.

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