Man Arrested After Crashing His Pickup Into Street Light

ACEI CheungEvery human being makes mistakes, and these mistakes can result in a brush in the law. It could be a mistaken impression on the part of the police that results in arrest, or it could be the defendant doing something he or she later profoundly regrets. Whatever the case, it’s very important to make sure no one is punished too harshly for a momentary lapse. A good criminal defense lawyer can protect a client against consequences that overreach the alleged crime.

A man was arrested in San Bernardino after he allegedly fled the scene of a crash which ended up with a streetlight trapped underneath the pickup truck. No other people or vehicles were involved in the crash.

Just before 6 in the morning, police said the driver was driving down North D Street when he reportedly fell asleep behind the wheel. His truck struck a wooden power pool and broke a concrete street light, according to police at the scene.

By the time officers arrived, the driver was already gone, according to reports.  He was taken into custody a few blocks away, after a brief search, and arrested for suspicion of hit-and-run and for leaving the scene of an accident.

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