New Employment Laws In Effect First of the Year

As the new year rolls around, there will be new employment laws put into effect throughout the state. If you are an employer, it’s important that you know what these new laws are to be sure that you are in compliance. Here’s a brief rundown of what is new for 2016.

  1. California’s Fair Pay Act. Current law states that men and women must be paid equally for equal work. The new law requires that men and women be paid equally for work that is substantially similar. If there are disparities in pay, you will be taxed with proving why that disparity is fair.
  2. Clarification of Paid Sick Leave Requirement. The new sick leave pay requirement took effect in July but it wasn’t entirely clear. This law clarifies how the rate of pay is calculated.
  3. Minimum Wage Increase. The new minimum wage in California will rise to $10 per hour as of January 1.
  4. Restrictions on E-Verify Use. Employers are no longer to utilize the E-Verify system to verify that new workers are authorized to work in the United States. Employers can only verify people who have been formally offered a job. They must also notify any individual who the E-Verify system does not verify as eligible to work in the country.
  5. PAGA Claims. Currently, employees can sue to recover any penalties that the state’s labor commissioner would have collected. Now, the employer can cure the violation if it was based on a failure to include proper name and address or beginning and end dates of a pay period.
  6. Piece-Rate Compensation. Even if an employee is paid per piece, they must also be paid for periods of nonproductive or rest time.

If you have any questions regarding the new employment laws taking effect in California, you are advised to consult with your attorney or accountant. Not being in compliance with these or any other employment laws can put your business in jeopardy.

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