New LA Law Aims to Make Guns Safer

People in this state have the right to own a firearm, assuming that it is not otherwise illegal for them to do so. If a new law is passed in Los Angeles, the city will be leading the way in making guns safer for adults and children alike.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council voted to have the council’s attorney draft an ordinance that would require gun owners to follow a stricter set of protocols for safe gun storage. According to Paul Krekorian, a councilmember, the ordinance would make Los Angeles a leading voice in the battle to keep families and children safe from gun violence. Krekorian is one of the major proponents of the new law.

If passed, the law would require gun owners to store their weapons in locked containers. If the owner chooses not to lock the gun in a container, the weapon must be disabled with a trigger lock. These regulations would not apply to guns being carried “on the owner’s boy or within the owner’s close proximity and control,” according to Krekorian’s spokesman.

Should the law pass, the city will be the largest in the state with any type of safe storage policy. The push for the law comes because, statistically, the majority of shooting deaths among children in America are attributed to a gun that was not locked away or disabled.

While other councilmen are supportive of the proposed law, some wonder whether it will have any impact on the number of deaths among children. “There is no amount of any possible legislation to preempt stupidity, negligence and criminal behavior, no matter what we do here today,” said Councilman Mitch Englander.

The city’s gun policy is already stricter than the state’s. City law requires that guns be sold with locks while the state has no such law. Owners, however, are not forced to use those locks.

City Council is expected to hold a vote on the safe storage policy sometime this week.

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