New Laws Hit California for 2015

Cooley Law Professor Gerald A. Fisher and Michigan Municipal League's Samantha Harkins Testify About Medical Marijuana Bills During Senate Judiciary Committee HearingCALIFORNIA — It’s a new year and the powers-that-be in the state of California have welcomed it soundly with the release of several new laws. Here is a listing and brief summary of the new laws. Full details of the bills can be viewed at

1. Gun Owner Welfare Check (SB 505) – Law enforcement officers are now encouraged to consult with gun ownership records when conducting welfare checks throughout the state.

2. Gun Violence Restraining Order (AB1014) – A judge may remove the gun of a close relative for a minimum of 21 days.

3. Immigrants’ Driver’s Licenses (AB 60) – Meeting every other qualification allows undocumented immigrants to receive a driver’s license.

4. Yes Means Yes (SB 967) – Replaces the outdated concept of “no means no.” Sex on college campuses is only consensual if both parties have agreed to it and are not intoxicated or passed out.

5. Groundwater Management (SB 1168, 1739, 1319) – Local water agencies will now manage how much water is taken from wells.

6. Plastic Bag Ban (SB 270) – Single-use plastic bags will no longer be used in grocery stores. Stores will be allowed to charge 10 cents for paper bags.

7. Audrie’s Law (SB 838) – Stiffer punishments will be given to teens who are convicted of the sexual assault of someone who is unconscious or cannot otherwise consent.

8. Selfie Revenge Porn Rights (SB 1255) – The law making it illegal to distribute a nude photo of someone, even if taken by that person, is expanded.

9. Sex Abuse Rights (SB 926) – The age of report for children who claim to be victims of sexual abuse is upped from 28 to 40.

10. Mandatory Sick Leave (AB 1522) – Anyone who works at least 30 hours is eligible to accrue paid sick time. The law goes into effect July 1.

11. Massage Parlor Oversight (AB 1147) – Local governments are granted greater oversight of massage parlors.

12. Egg Laying Hen Space (Prop 2 in 2008) – Anyone keeping hens as egg producers must provide the birds with at least 116-square inches of space.

13. Limited Youth Football Practices (AB 2127) – Full-contact practice time is limited in an effort to reduce concussions and brain injuries among middle and high school football players.

14. Dogs Welcome in Restaurants (AB 1965) – Dogs will legally be allowed on patios and outdoor dining areas provided there is a separate entrance. Restaurant owners are not obligated to allow dogs in their establishment.

15. Social Media Monitoring in Schools (AB 1442) – Parents must be notified when their children’s social media accounts are being monitored by school officials. Monitoring must be relevant to student or school safety.

16. Native American Holiday (AB 1973) – Native American Day will be the fourth Friday in September.

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