New Year’s Eve Fire Leads to DUI Crash

download (6)A fire on New Year’s Eve has led to the destruction of a San Bernardio fire squad car and sent two people to the hospital. According to the police, two people driving drunk hit the squad car while it was on the way to a structure fire. The accident happened at 9th and E streets.

Police not only found evidence of drunken driving, but also a stolen handgun from Las Vegas. Another vehicle as able to respond to the structure fire and put it out. Unfortunately for the vehicles, both of them are totaled. According to the fire department, the cost of the vehicle was around $50,000 to $60,000.

The city’s insurance policies will probably cover the cost of the damaged vehicle, but there are many cases where insurance won’t cover the full cost of vehicle damage or the cost of medical expenses. The loss of a vehicle can cause people to lose jobs and start a spiral of bad fortune. It has to be stopped before it gets too far.

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