Owners of Apartment Sleep through SUV Crash

download (43)There are several factors which feed into the cause of auto accidents, but the main ones are distracted driving, speeding, and drunk driving.  All three of these types of accidents are preventable, but that doesn’t necessarily stop people from doing all three.

In this case, the woman behind the wheel was feeling tired.  She should have stopped, but she continued… and fell asleep at the wheel.  Her vehicle veered off, hitting two apartments, leaving one of them completely uninhabitable.

The owners of the apartment were upstairs and they slept right through the commotion.  “We didn’t hear anything, and I came downstairs and it was completely damaged.  Most of the SUV was inside the house.”

The person driving the SUV into the apartment was not cited, as the crash was determined to be an accident.  Nobody was injured in the commission of the accident.

The real concerns in this story revolve around what happens next.  The driver of the SUV is surely at fault, but how much are the damages that are going to be levied against her? What about the insurance costs and rates changes?  What about the couple who was living in the now uninhabitable apartment?

A qualified and experienced lawyer can help sort out the issues that arise with these sorts of incidents.  MBLK has helped thousands of clients find the justice that they deserve, and you can too.  Give us a call for your free consultation.

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