Understanding Community Property and Divorce in the State of California  

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Generally, when a couple gets married, they then work collectively to achieve financial goals. A married couple will likely decide to buy a home, open a communal savings account for their retirement, and even purchase a family vehicle.

Every partnership … click to read more

Juvenile Defense in the State of California: The Importance of a Juvenile Defense Attorney

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Every parent worries about the wellbeing of his or her child. As children get older, however, they develop their character, which can often lead to mishaps. Making mistakes is a part of life, however, some of these mistakes can lead … click to read more

Criminal Defense in California: Protecting Against Illegal Searches and Seizures 

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A search and seizure is a common tool used by law enforcement agencies across the nation in an effort to obtain evidence to support a criminal case. When a police agency, or representing agent, suspects an individual of a crime, … click to read more

Real Estate Fraud: Understanding the Basic Elements of Fraud Defense 

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Real estate fraud is considered a serious crime in the Inland Empire. It is also a crime that is seriously prosecuted in the entire State of California. If you or someone you know has been accused of real estate fraud … click to read more

Contesting a Traffic Ticket in the State of California: Key Strategies That Could Help You Win Your Case 

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Simply receiving a traffic ticket in the State of California does not always mean it is justified. Fighting a traffic ticket can be quite complex and difficult but in some situations, the effort to challenge the ticket can be successful. … click to read more