Pedestrian Gravely Injured by Hit and Run Driver

download (31)A pedestrian was gravely injured after having been struck by a hit and run driver over the weekend.

According to a police spokesperson, the 17-year-old pedestrian was struck while he was in the intersection of Dollie Street and Petit Drive. The accident victim was found unconscious when authorities arrived at the scene.

Surveillance video footage indicate that the suspect vehicle, a light colored, four-door sedan with dark wheels and tinted rear windows was traveling eastbound on Dollie when it struck the pedestrian who was crossing the road. Oxnard Police are still looking for the vehicle and driver.

The victim suffered significant head trauma in the incident and was transported to Ventura County Medical Center where he is currently listed in grave condition.

To hit another person and callously drive away is clearly a crime. Such behavior demands justice in terms of compensation to victims and their families and strict consequences such as fines and jail time for offenders.

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