Pedestrian Killed on I-5

The circumstances of an accident are key in determining who is at fault. Sometimes people have a bias in certain types of accidents. Motorcyclists and pedestrians frequently complain about bad drivers who don’t pay attention. Motorists complain about motorcyclists and pedestrians who break traffic laws. It is up to police and investigators to find out what happened, and for lawyers to argue for their clients in front of judges and juries.

When someone does something that breaks the law, it can jeopardize their chances for recovering any damages, or could make the other party pay much less. Take for example this case that happened recently. A pedestrian was struck and killed on southbound I-5 in Sun Valley. The pedestrian died at the scene of the accident after he was hit by a Jaguar around 7:30 PM. The driver of the Jaguar stayed at the scene according to the police.

Was the pedestrian walking on the road illegally? Did he break down somewhere and was trying to get help? Pedestrians aren’t normally allowed on interstate roads. If the family of the slain pedestrian tries to sue for damages, they may face a difficult road.

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