PG&E Pleads Not Guilty to Federal Charges

(credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)Executives at the Pacific Gas & Electric Company have found themselves in hot water. The company has pled not guilty recently to a dozen felony charges which stem from safety violations that resulted in a horrific natural gas pipeline explosion in 2010. The massive blast leveled a quiet suburban community in the San FranciscoBay area.

Lawyers for the state’s biggest utility entered the pleas to violating federal pipeline safety laws in federal court in San Francisco. U.S. Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero said that federal prosecutors were requesting that PG&E’s potential fine be raised to over $6 million, provided that the court finds the company financially benefited in any way. City officials from San Bruno called the action a good first step, and hoped that company officials would also be charged as individuals.

PG&E said in a carefully worded statement that the company holds itself accountable for actions resulting in the blast. It also said that it doesn’t think its employees meant to violate any federal regulations. However, you won’t find many people who believe they intentionally violate federal law.

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