Pilot Injured by Laser Prank

images (10)Another pilot was injured when a laser light struck the cockpit of his US Airways flight Thursday morning. The captain, who’s name was not released, was injured by laser strike as his flight was approaching Los Angeles. This is the latest documented case of laser strikes against planes since he FBI and the FAA began recording such incidents; and with laser strikes on the rise the FBI is offering up o $10,000 in reward for information that would lead to the arrest of anyone caught aiming a laser at an aircraft. Of all cities in the US where laser strikes are being reported and recorded, Los Angeles is in the top ten.

The effect of the laser light hitting the cockpit is that the glass or plexiglass of the cockpit disperses the light, which causes the entire cockpit to light up; effectively blinding both pilot and copilot to anything in their immediate surroundings.

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