Pit Crew Member Struck during the Indy 500

download (52)A crew member for Dale Coyne’s racing team was injured after being struck by Tristan Vaulter’s car during a pit stop at the Indianapolis 500 race.

The injured pit crewman is identified as Owen Trower, the left front tire changer for Vaulter. Trower, was struck on the leg early during the race when Vaulter was pulling out of his stall.

According to IndyCar, Trower was taken to an area hospital and was treated for a lower-extremity injury.

Others injured from Dale Coyne’s racing team were Greg Senerius, who suffered a left foot injury and rear tire changer Daniel Jang needed surgery for a broken right ankle.

No one ever expects to get into an accident, even in the high speed world of auto racing. Even when drivers have a mind for safety it is possible to be injured in an accident.

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