Police Apprehend Simi Valley Home Depot Thief

Victor CasaleArrest does not necessarily mean prosecution, nor does prosecution necessarily mean jail time. It all depends upon many factors. One of the most powerful factors is the defendant’s choice of legal counsel. It doesn’t really matter if the crime is a seemingly trivial misdemeanor or a major felony – a good attorney will fight hard to protect the client at all times, in all circumstances.

A man was arrested in Simi Valley for allegedly stealing from a Home Depot in Glendora, according to police officials.

The 24-year-old man, a resident of San Fernando, was arrested on suspicion of burglary, said a police sergeant. He went on to say the thieves loaded a shopping cart with items, then ran with it past the registers without paying. Employees tried to catch the men, but they managed to escape, driving away in a red Dodge Ram. Employees managed to record the license plate numbers, however.

This was how the 24-year-old suspect was found and arrested, according to the police sergeant.

Officers found all the stolen property from the burglary, as well as items stolen from other Home Depots, totaling almost $2,000.

The suspect was released on $20,000 bond, according to the sergeant.

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